14 Do’s & Don’ts of Dining Out

14 Do's & Don'ts of Dining Out

14 Do’s & Don’ts of Dining Out

Eating out regularly is becoming the new norm for many people across the world and it has been for some time. Food prepared by restaurants and takeaways account for more than 35% of food expenditure in Australia, while 1 in 4 Americans eat takeaway foods every single day and spend $660 billion on food and drinks in restaurants per year.

People eat typically eat out due to lack of time, convenience, ease, social get togethers, food variety, a break from home preparation and pleasure. Whether you are ordering a takeaway meal, grabbing a quick meal in or are enjoying fine dining, it’s always important to make the healthiest choices.

When eating out, people tend to consume:

  • Larger portions
  • Fattier calorie dense meals
  • Refined processed carbohydrates
  • More alcohol
  • Dessert
  • Sugary laden beverages
  • Very little vegetables and other plant based foods

People tend to let up on any healthy dietary guidelines they may be following. It’s important of course to enjoy your meal and have some treats occasionally but it’s also important to make healthy choices!

If you want to improve or maintain your health goals choosing better options can ensure a delicious meal as well as not blowing your calories and healthy eating out of the window!

Certain foods can also negatively impact your hormones and stimulate your appetite for more calorie rich and sugary foods for the next couple of days and create more hard work. This unfortunately can…

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