I Just Became an ACE Certified Health Coach, Now What?

I Just Became an ACE Certified Health Coach, Now What?

When you earn a new credential, the opportunity to expand and grow your career, or even change careers, can be both exciting and inspiring. It may also feel a bit daunting and overwhelming, but there are steps you can take to secure your new role and establish yourself as a professional in the health coaching field. Now that you’ve done the hard work of passing the exam and getting certified, it’s time to start building a thriving practice.

1. Set goals. There’s a reason you chose to pursue a health coach certification. Think about where you want to take that education and training and how you want to grow in the field. Do you want to work exclusively with clients? Or do you see yourself also writing or presenting and teaching? Sketch out a three- to five-year plan to help you determine your next steps.

2. Define your mission. It’s time to decide what it is you will offer your clientele. To recruit and retain clients, you need a message that resonates with who you intend to serve. Part of this will be determined by where you want to work and if you have a particular niche market, such as women, teens, high-risk populations, etc. Your message should be able to answer this question for your future clients: “What will I gain by working with you?” Take some time to research different mission statements and brainstorm some ideas.

3. Refine the resume. Before applying for jobs, it’s crucial you update and polish your resume. Be sure to list relevant…

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