The Best Freezer Casseroles That Are Secretly Healthy

Healthy freezer casseroles

Prepare some of these family-favorite freezer casseroles to have on hand next time you are in a time crunch or just don’t feel like cooking. Pull from the freezer, stick it in the oven and you’ll have a meal in just under an hour! 

When I first started preparing freezer meals, I had never made any type of casserole dish before. At that time in my life, my girls were really little and putting together a big casserole just didn’t really make sense.

And now, a decade later, my daughters are incredibly active teenagers who eat like 250-pound football players! Plus, I have a beast of a husband and 2 more stepdaughters added to the mix, so making a big pan of homemade macaroni and cheese or baked ziti meets our needs nowadays.

When everyone is over at our house, it’s so much easier to whip together a big casserole to feed the entire family. Everything is in one pan and clean up is a breeze!

How To Lighten Up A Casserole Dish

When you think casserole, healthy doesn’t usually come to mind. Of course, it’s not as healthy as eating grilled chicken and spinach but there are ways to lighten up a casserole.

Use Whole Grains

I like to use either whole grain pasta, brown rice, or quinoa in all of my casseroles. Whole grains add more fiber, protein, and nutrition, unlike their processed white counterparts. They also keep you satisfied much longer.

My favorite whole grain pasta brand is Delallo. You can find it alongside all the other pasta in your grocery store. There are times I…

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