2B Mindset | The Mindset Membership

2B Mindset | The Mindset Membership

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and keep it off, you know how hard it can be to stay motivated and on track with your goals.

Just ask Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and co-creator of the 2B Mindset nutrition program.

With 2B Mindset, Ilana teaches a positive approach to weight loss that’s all about eating the foods you love without deprivation or counting calories, getting your emotional and mindless eating in check, and living your life and STILL getting the results you want.

“I struggled with my weight my whole life,” says Ilana Muhlstein, who lost 100 pounds using the principles she built into 2B Mindset. “The hardest part was realizing I was doing it alone.”

In her private practice, Ilana works with her clients to help them use her positive approach to weight loss no matter what gets in the way.

It’s what led her to develop a powerful expansion to the 2B Mindset program. It’s called The Mindset Membership.

“It’s you and me, doing this together, conquering obstacles as they happen. Listen, I’ve been there, I know how to beat temptation, and I’m going to help keep your priorities in check and your weight loss on track,” she says.

“What I’ve learned through my own experience and private nutrition practice is that it’s hard to follow a program unless you have proactive ongoing support. I give that kind of support to my private clients in my office for over $400 an hour — which obviously isn’t accessible…

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