Braised Oxtail Soup – Maria Mind Body Health

Braised Oxtail Soup - Maria Mind Body Health

We traveled to Amsterdam last November after I spoke at the Low Carb Universe in Spain! Wow! What a unique city Amsterdam is!

We stayed at the coolest hotel that had a lovely restaurant called Jansz. They had a breakfast buffet in the mornings and they had a delicious spread of keto and carnivore options!

Most of you know, I was a VERY picky eater as a child! I even made my best friends mom cry because I wouldn’t eat her pot roast! Coming from such a background of being such a picky eater, I was quite proud of myself eating in Europe. I tried so many new things! Suckling pig, crispy duck, organ meats, steak tartare, Braised Oxtail Soup and so much more. I’ve had oxtail before but not like this!

This Braised Oxtail Soup was amazing! They formed braised oxtail into a patty and fried it until there were crispy bits on the outside!


The oxtail soup was so simple in details, yet so delicious! I had to recreate this at home!

Making Braised Oxtail is very easy! All you need is time to wait for the magic to happen!

If you make your own bone broth, that is great! I once made a pot every week but now that there is a healthy bone broth made by Kettle and Fire, I most often open up a box of their bone broth!

If you want to stock up on healthy Bone Broth for making easy soup like this, click HERE to save 15% off your order! Use code: KETOADPATEDBLOG 

Braised Oxtail Soup


Total time


  • 2 pounds oxtail
  • Fine grain sea salt, to taste
  • 2…

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