A-Bolic4™: Here’s What You Need to Know About This Revolutionary New Product

A-Bolic4™: Here's What You Need to Know About This Revolutionary New Product

Ask anyone their fitness goal, and you won’t be too shocked when the top two answers are to ‘build muscle’ and ‘burn fat’. Well-known for his DC Training method and nutritional advice, True Nutrition founder Dante Trudel set out to create his own potent formula to revolutionize the bodybuilding industry— naturally. Formulated with 4 synergystic ingredients, read on to learn more about A-Bolic4™ and why this has quickly become one of our most popular products over the past year.

It’s no secret that anabolic steroids and pro-hormones have made their debut in the fitness community— dating back to the 1930’s when Testosterone was first synthesized in Russia (later, to be misused in the 1954 Olympics). But with the glory that a well-sculpted physique portrays under this influence, comes a whole host of negative side effects. Seeing bodybuilders and athletes suffer a multitude of health issues (and potentially, death) really struck a chord with Dante, and he went to work. “Everyone knows steroids work awesome—”, says Trudel. “The problem is, they aren’t a lifetime, longterm solution, are they?”

“My ongoing mission for too long of a time has been to find Anabolic compounds that work outside of the normal steroid realm— and it’s pretty much been a fruitless search. Nothing works as good as “the real deal”, and its been trial and error for a decade plus with pretty much zero success, but that changed.


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