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“Wardrobe Snacks” – Photo by Kelsey McClellan, Art Direction and Styling by Michelle Maguire

I’ve never thought of myself as an unadventurous dresser, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized my everyday personal style is nothing too far-fetched. This isn’t to say I would go the safe route at the Met Gala. I would absolutely stick to the theme. (I say this as a comfort to anyone who wants to invite me to the Met Gala.) But day-to-day it’s linen in the summer and chunky sweaters in the winter. Funky earrings, sure, but never funky socks.

While I love an every-once-in-a-while statement, my regular clothed comfort comes in the form of soft fabrics and classic cuts. I love animal prints…but I got that from my grandma. And isn’t leopard a neutral now anyway?

The thing about attempting to wear outfits you never thought you’d wear is that there are a lot of outfits you think you would wear. No less adventurous (but yeah, different) than what I partook in this week.

My Pinterest boards are full of these looks—photo after photo showcases a neutral high neck top and perfect chunky heel, outfits I know I’d like to wear but don’t for one reason—effort? affordability?—or another. The thing that’s so precious about these looks is the fanciful excitement that comes with them—imagining myself as someone in head to toe silk…there is no better daydream. I do think I would wear those outfits someday. 

I took my week of adventurous dressing…

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