Coq au Vin Slow Cooker Recipe

Top down photo of a white oval serving dish filled with coq au vin.

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A French classic goes keto! This comforting coq au vin recipe has fewer carbs than the original, and is made extra easy in your Crock-Pot. This post is in paid partnership with Holland House Cooking Wines.

This Keto Coq au Vin recipe is just like the classic French dish, with a few delicious twists.

I’ve swapped out some of the veggies for lower carb options, reducing the overall carb count while keeping the same rich and hearty flavor. And while traditional coq au vin can be a laborious process, I’ve made this easier and more straightforward by utilizing my CrockPot®.

An easier and healthier version of the classic comfort food recipe? Sign me up!

A white serving dish filled with chicken stew in front of a crockpot

Slow Simmered in a CrockPot®

You probably knew that Crock-Pot brand is the original slow cooker. They’ve been around for over 4 decades and are a beloved kitchen appliance in so many homes. I daresay it’s almost a required piece of kitchen equipment, especially for those of us with families and busy lives.

But did you know that they debuted originally as a simple bean cooker? I don’t eat beans so thank goodness they have so many other uses. I’ve made everything from tender rosemary garlic pork loin to keto chocolate cake in mine. 

And, of course, they are ideal for comforting soups and stews, just like this coq au vin slow cooker recipe. I don’t know what I would do without my Crock-Pot!

A brown wooden table set with a serving dish of coq au vin, with a white bowl filled with the stew in the background. Sprigs of thyme and mushrooms adorn the table.

Coq au Vin…

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