The Origin of Human Violence and How to End It

The Origin of Human Violence and How to End It

Last night, my wife, Carlin, and I saw the movie Jo Jo Rabbit. It was moving and quirky and reminds me both of the horrors of the totalitarian/Dominator way in the world and our hope for a better future. I’ve recently written two articles on how we can create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible,” as my colleague Charles Eisenstein so beautifully puts it. The first was “The Ship of Civilization is Sinking: Do Not Lose Hope. Find Your Tribe.” The second was “Back to the Future: Reclaiming Our Partnership Culture.” 

Today, I want to delve more deeply into the origin of human violence. Many people believe that humans are inherently violent and wars are inevitable. They believe that violence is built into our genes and there is little hope of changing who we are. Another view is that wars and violence are part of the modern Civilization and emerged with the beginnings of agriculture in various parts of the world about 10,000 years ago. Either view is rather pessimistic about creating a more humane and peaceful world.

I’d like to suggest a third view–Widespread human violence was the result of trauma and began 6,000 years ago in a specific location and has spread throughout the world. This view also offers a specific plan on how we can heal the wounds that lead to violence. 

I first heard about this from Dr. James DeMeo at a conference I attended in 1998. He had just completed his extensive research and published his surprising…

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