9 Signs Candida Is Wreaking Havoc on Your Body

A microscopic image of Candida

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Candida Albicans, otherwise known as yeast, is a fungus normally found in the human body. When in balance, candida can actually play a beneficial role in our body aiding in nutrient absorption and keeping our digestion running smoothly. It’s when candida goes from the equivalent of an elegant dinner party to a full-on rave is when we start experiencing some not so pleasant symptoms, not just in our gut but throughout our bodies. And there’s a lot of things that can give yeast the green light to flourish. Some may be out of our control like a weakened immune system, diabetes, pregnancy or hormonal fluctuations. Other factors can include stress, eating a poor diet high in sugary processed foods, smoking, and taking drugs (prescription or otherwise) like antibiotics, antidepressants and birth control. All these things can throw your microbiome out of balance giving candida the upper hand. But there is help! 

Here’s a few symptoms that may signal candida might be wreaking havoc in your body, and some solutions like diet and herbs that may help to get it in check. You can find all the supplements we recommend linked in this article at iHerb.

There have been many studies regarding the effects of candida in the human body. One of the things we…

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