How to Apply Skincare Products in the Right Order

How to Apply Skincare Products in the Right Order

I’m sharing what I’ve learned about the steps of a beauty routine and why it’s important to apply your skincare products in the right order. It seems overwhelming at first, but it’s really quite simple: cleanse, prep, treat, protect. 

Why it’s important to put skincare on in the correct order

Many people who don’t have a skincare regimen admit they are overwhelmed by all the steps. I definitely was! It’s the main reason I never bought a regimen myself. Analysis paralysis. Most of us know to start with cleanser, but what’s the order of toner, serum, face oil, sunscreen, moisturizers, and makeup? Should your sunscreen go on first or last?

By using a regimen vs just random products or skipping some steps, you’ll see a more noticeable difference in your skin since the products are designed to work together. I think this was my biggest mistake prior to switching to a Beautycounter regimen. I was mixing samples from Birchbox in all kinds of different combinations from different brands so nothing was working synergistically. Remember that skin is alive, so you might vary your routine slightly or there could be times when steps swap or your skin responds in a non-traditional way, but here are general recommendations for a basic routine.

How to Apply Skincare Products in the Right Order

You can follow these steps with any regimen from any brand you choose. Most collections will follow the same format of cleanse – prep – treat – protect. You can see my…

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