“Does My Hair Look Flat?” A Shampoo Bar Challenge

The Best Shampoo Bars

Shampoo bars. With their minimal packaging, they’re better for the environment than traditional plastic bottles. They’re convenient for travel (TSA approved, no chance of unfortunate spills or explosions). Plus, since a standard bar lasts for around 80 washes, they’re a much better value than liquid shampoo. But how well do they actually work? By popular demand, I tried five bars in search of the answer…

Truth time: I went into this experiment with a lot of skepticism. Like any unfamiliar territory, I was a bit intimidated. As one who relies on daily exercise as a pillar of personal sanity, I wash my hair almost every day, so I need something effective but gentle. I’d heard tales of shampoo bars contributing to tangles or creating a waxy build-up. Thus, I eyed the bars for a number of days before finally taking the plunge:

Shampoo Bars

1. J.R. Liggett’s Old-Fashioned Shampoo Bar
I was attracted to this bar for both its price (under $10) and the avalanche of positive reviews. The scent was subtle and pleasant, but beyond that, it wasn’t my favorite of the bunch. It lathered nicely, but on my hair, it felt rubbery and sticky, and was hard to fully rinse out. Once dry, my hair didn’t feel as moisturized as with some of the other contenders. Also — and I don’t know how this happened — as I was using it, some of the soap found its way into my mouth, and good lord was that terrible.
Rating: Three out of five stars

2. Daughter of the Land Hair & Body Shampoo,…

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