Great Diets You May Have Never Heard Of

Great Diets You May Have Never Heard Of

Great Diets You May Have Never Heard Of

There is no lack of diets out there shouting for our attention. Before adopting one, it’s best to search broadly. Here are some that have their adherents but might have escaped your notice so far:

Shangri-La Diet

Seth Roberts’ Shangri-La Diet is the model of simplicity, and that alone should appeal to many dieters. Simply add one to four teaspoonfuls of relatively flavorless oil such as extra-light olive, walnut, canola, or flaxseed oil to your diet as it is now. No other dietary change is recommended by the Shangri-La Diet.

The goal is to make you feel fuller so you’ll eat less. Dr. Roberts has reported losing 35 pounds himself, and points to others who have achieved similar results but the testing results aren’t in yet on this diet.

There are many reasons even a highly effective diet can fail to catch on, but someone might have reconsidered whether “the Shangri-La Diet” sounds appealing, especially once reading through the diet and finding that it actually has nothing much to do with Shangri-La, never mind the pretty tenuous relationship between Shangrila and dieting in the first place.

Three Hour Diet

By now many of us have heard the general outlines of this diet. Develop a posture of almost lightly grazing throughout the day, eating “often.” But the paradigm for the idea, and therefore the most detailed version, is Jorge Cruise’s Three…

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