Homemade Hawaiian Pizza w/ Pepperoni + Jalapeños


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The key to making a homemade Hawaiian Pizza that actually tastes REALLY great is to balance out the sweet pineapple with smoky, salty pepperoni and spicy pickled jalapeños. There’s no ham in this recipe! If you think you don’t like Hawaiian pizza, you’ve GOT to try this version.

Overhead photo of sliced hawaiian pizza sprinkled with fresh cilantro.

I try to stay away from controversy on the blog, so making a Hawaiian pizza recipe is a bit of a risk for me.

Why? Let me tell you- people have STRONG opinions on whether pineapple belongs on a pizza. And as we know people LOVE to voice their opinions on the internet.

And I have to say, I get it. I’ve had great Hawaiian pizza, and really not so great Hawaiian pizza. Traditionally, Hawaiian pizza is pizza with pineapple and ham on it.

But here’s what I’ve concluded: ham is too sweet to pair with the pineapple on a pizza. Pizza is supposed to be savory and salty.

The solution? Nix the ham, and opt instead for pepperoni. Smoky and salty, it’s the PERFECT balance with the sweet pineapple. Add a few spicy jalapeño peppers to the mix and you’ve got the trifecta: sweet, salty, and spicy.

Alternatives to pepperoni

  • If you aren’t a fan of pepperoni, bacon makes a great substitute. Use cooked, chopped bacon and sprinkle it on when you add the other ingredients.
  • A spicy sausage would also work well. Cook up ground or uncooked sausage…

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