Best Exercises for a Tight Butt

Best Exercises for a Tight Butt

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So you’ve been searching Pinterest and Instagram for the best glute exercises out there. You get overwhelmed with all of the fitness models who somehow get this big gorgeous butt from doing leg lifts and clam shells. Time and time you try these exercises but you see no results in the mirror. What the hell, right? Don’t worry. It’s not because you are doing the exercises wrong. It’s because those exercises straight up suck.

So what are the real best glute exercises?

First off, they are exercises that involve some type of weight or resistance. In order for muscle to grow, you have to take your muscle through what we fitness nerds call the overload principle. The overload principle basically states that in order for your muscle (the butt in this case) to grow, you have to force it to adapt to a strain that is above and beyond what it has previously experienced. Makes sense, right?

So we need a combination of the overload principle and some kick ass exercises.

Look no further, because I am about to give you the top five best glute exercises that I use with my clients to give them a strong, solid and, yes— big butt. If you want to stop looking in the mirror and seeing a small butt and start seeing a nice tight and firm rear, then plug these five exercises into your weekly routine.

1. RFE Squat to Hinge

Place one foot on a bench directly behind you. You will have to adjust based on your leg length. You want to space yourself…

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