What’s on Your Workout Playlist?

The Best Workout Playlist

Now and again, a friend will hint at the sordid things they would hate for someone to discover in the event of an untimely death. I have no such things. I do, however, have one really embarrassing one: my workout playlist…

It is my personal belief that workout music is most effective when it falls into one of two categories: powerful and uplifting, or else something so cheesy you’d never admit to listening to it. I’m talking the kind of tune that, should someone hear even the slightest suggestion of it coming out of your headphones, would induce total mortification and complete denial.

In the very best cases, a song can be both.

Of course, the cheesiness of a song is completely subjective. What’s important is how it feels to you. For me, the epitome of ridiculousness is listening to Eye of the Tiger during runs. The lyrics are bonkers (what is “the kill with the skill to survive?”) and I am so not Rocky. It never fails to make me laugh.

“I always listen to Meghan Trainor,” says one friend. “On a recent run, I was listening to Dear Future Husband at a stop light, and I suddenly realized I was dancing around.”

“I only use Spotify while I’m at the gym. As a result, I’m terrified that someone will see my ‘curated for you’ playlists on Spotify and think that’s actually my taste in music,” laughs Allie. So, what exactly is on these playlists? “Katy Perry’s Firework features prominently.”

Just last night, while I waited for a…

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