Food, Family, Fun! – Kath Eats Real Food

Food, Family, Fun! - Kath Eats Real Food

If those are not the themes of KERF, then I don’t know what is 🙂

Food: Real Meals

Kale salad with two of my favorite Trader Joe’s toppings: oven-baked cheese crisps and truffle marcona almonds.

A smashingly delicious baguette from Tilman’s! This took me back to the days when I studied at Cambridge in college and got takeaway baguettes stuffed with Camembert cheese and ham all the time.

Fit Foodie Finds Mexican Beef Skillet. Cheese and beans and meat – oh my! I turned this into nachos for Mazen.

A big power breakfast after a hard early morning workout: cheesy eggs, grapefruit, buttered toast, coffee. I got up twice last week for 6am workouts!

Oatmeal with a puddle of almond butter and crunchy granola. For old time’s sake!


A little visit to McGuffey park!

B seems to like getting dizzy :mrgreen:

And being pulled in a wagon! He is finally old enough to play with the big boys. I don’t know who likes it more – him or them!

I wondered when this day would come: Mazen would rather ride in the stroller than run/walk/scooter/bike. He is BEGGING me for a double Bob! Haha. If you’re in Cville and giving one away, we will take it ; )

I also never thought I’d see the day when I had coffee hand-delivered to me at 6am. His new thing is making my coffee for me and he beat me to the pot! (Luckily we have this coffeemaker with a dispenser so it doesn’t involve a super hot glass carafe. I love it.)

Birch has turned into a toddler tornado!! One minute he’s…

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