Best Electrolyte Powder | No Sugar, Low Sugar and High Sugar for Workouts

Best Electrolyte Powder | No Sugar, Low Sugar and High Sugar for Workouts

What is the best electrolyte powder? As always the answer depends on what you need from a product. Over the last year, I’ve been in search of my own go to electrolyte to help give my recommendation.

Through a lot of drinks and runs, I’ve tested a variety of flavors, brands and options from lower to higher sugar content.

I’ve written in depth about why runners need electrolytes, and even shared Shalane Flannagan’s homemade electrolyte drink, so today let’s focus simply on breaking down these products and what I looked for in making my own judgement.

AND what you use matters because the right mix, helps water move from your stomach in to your bloodstream more quickly! That means fighting off dehydration which can impact your performance and mood.

Best Electrolyte Powder

One of the best things about electrolyte powders is that in this format there is less need for binding agents or fillers than you might find with pre-made drinks on the shelf.

There were a few considerations that immediately came to mind for me in testing:

  • Taste – let’s be honest, if it’s awful I won’t use it continually and this one is subjective as we all have different taste budes.
  • Sugar – higher sugar can be great for a drink utilized during long runs as part of your fueling strategy, lower or no sugar electrolytes are my preference when hydrating throughout the day. Additionally, we’ll look at the source of the sugar.
  • Nutrients – what’s the % of electrolytes, minerals and…

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