19 Romantic Quotes to Start Your Valentine’s Day Card

19 Romantic Quotes to Start Your Valentine's Day Card

Here’s to melting some hearts.

A lot of men don’t do cards. Sure, there’s the hassle of actually going to a card store and reading through 25 of them until you find both a design and an inside sentiment that gets the job done. But more so, it just feels…unnecessary. Like an add-on – a read, a smile, a thank you – all just a delay until the real show begins by opening the present.

But these men have it wrong, but through no fault of there own. You can’t compare the cards you received from extended family for birthdays and holidays when you were 12 to the ones you should be giving to the love of your life. The first set of cards are a kind notion, a mere Newsfeed post in an age before Facebook. The latter, should be a poetic gesture of your love that outshines any gift opening that follows it.

The problem is, being able to formally get your love, thoughts, and emotions down into a concise paragraph that fits on a 5×7 Hallmark card is nearly an impossible task.

Great poets have a gift – the ability to take a succinct amount of words and evoke an overspill of passion and emotion.

Featured below are 19 romantic quotes and passages you can use as a powerful introduction or closing in your Valentine’s Day card. Which one you pick depends on both of your personalities and the nature of your relationship, but whichever one you choose, it will surely help share your adoration with your partner.

May an abundance of love and happy tears come your way,

19 Romantic Quotes to Start Your Valentine's Day Card

“You don’t love…

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