PiYo vs Plyo Workout | Chuze Fitness

PiYo vs Plyo Workout | Chuze Fitness

While PiYo and Plyo are only one letter apart in their spelling, they really couldn’t be more different when it comes to workouts. When it comes to PiYo vs Plyo, one focuses on lengthening and stretching your muscles while developing a strong core, and the other works on building power and strength for more explosive movements—but, each of these workouts can benefit the other. Want to know which is which? Let’s dive into PiYo vs. Plyo here. 

What is PiYo? 

PiYo is an exercise program that was developed by Beachbody coach, Chalene Johnson. PiYo is an acronym that stands for pilates (Pi) and yoga (Yo). It takes some exercises from each format and then adds its own spin by speeding up the poses to get your heart rate up and adding some movements inspired by dance and martial arts. Classes are between 20 minutes and one-hour long and include total-body conditioning. You will especially feel this workout in your core, because both pilates and yoga focus on building your core to help you hold poses and maintain balance. Unlike yoga and pilates, PiYo can be considered an aerobic workout. It gets your heart rate up and allows you to move through poses that are typically held for long periods of time in a quicker and more fluid way.

Benefits of PiYo

When you take a PiYo class, you will feel your muscles burn, which is fantastic, because that means that you are building up your muscles! You will do yoga poses, pilates exercises, push-ups, squats, lunges, and more,…

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