21 Nutritious Sports Snacks For Kids

21 Nutritious Sports Snacks For Kids

Kid athletes need good fuel between meals! Here are 21 ideas for easy sports snacks they’ll love.

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Sports snacks can be maddening for parents–when it’s donuts, cookies, chips, and punch that often crop up on the sidelines of pee-wee sports. Those snacks feel more like a dinner-spoiling reward than actual post-game fuel.

But plenty of kids are in it for more than a cupcake, especially as sports get more competitive (and strenuous). For those kids, snacks really matter. Sure, there’s room for treats, but youth athletes feel better and do better when they’re getting the nutrients they need, and not just at meals.

Keep in mind that kids don’t automatically need a snack after sports. For some, hydrating with water and then eating the next meal is fine. But if dinner is hours away and they’re needing some fuel–especially teen athletes who need more calories–here’s a good formula for post-sports snacks:

  • Carbohydrates to replenish what’s been used during the game.
  • Protein to repair and rebuild muscles that have been exerted and torn.

Ideally, the post-game snack has both of those elements plus nutrients like calcium, iron, and other critical vitamins and minerals kids need as they’re growing. Here are some snack ideas for kids to get you started:

21 Nutritious Sports Snacks for Kids

Keep in mind that portion sizes will vary depending on the age, size, and appetite of your child. You know your kid best!

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