Dark Chocolate Brownie Granola Bars

close view of broken dark chocolate brownie granola bar

A little healthy and a little indulgent, these dark chocolate brownie granola bars are incredible (and they’re also dairy-, egg-, and gluten-free)! Soft bake them or add time for a little crunch!

I kind of hate the overuse of the word “obsessed” these days, but I’m just going to go ahead and a) cringe, b) call myself a hypocrite, and c) say: I’m totally obsessed with these dark chocolate brownie granola bars. 

And I really mean it. No hyperbole here. Ob.Sessed.

Healthy enough to fall into the solid granola bar category but indulgent enough to be a serious treat, we can’t keep these around longer than a day (two days max).

cutting apart dark chocolate brownie granola bars into thin rectangles

Inspired by this ridiculously delicious dark chocolate granola recipe, I knew I had to try a brownie/bar form after a reader (thanks, Rebecca!) said she had done the same in order to make that crazy popular granola more portable. 

The end result is a lightly sweet chocolate granola bar that is a little bit soft and a little bit crunchy. (Not a chewy granola bar.)

The basic premise is the same: dry granola-y ingredients are tossed with a simple, sweet syrup.

Here are the differences:

  • instead of being baked and then broken into clumps, the granola mixture is pressed into a 9X13-inch pan and baked
  • in addition to the oats, coconut, cocoa powder and almonds, a little bit of almond flour is added

dry ingredients for dark chocolate brownie granola bars in glass bowl

Flour Substitutions

Why do these granola bars need flour?

Well, the flour lends a bit more structure to the bars instead of the fall-apart gaps that the otherwise…

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