How to Balance These 4 Hunger Hormones

How to Balance These 4 Hunger Hormones

Even though a lot of the time our bodies might feel a little bit out of whack, they actually function like a fine-tuned machine, with a huge variety of components and mechanisms working in harmony to help us breathe, move, function, and live. And one of the main mechanisms that influence how your body operates is the hormone, a regulatory substance that gives signals to your cells, tissues, and organs about how to behave.

One of the classes of hormones that have a key role in your daily life are the hunger hormones, namely the ghrelin, leptin, cortisol, and thyroid hormones. They influence your appetite, how much you eat, how much energy you have, how you store your energy, and how much you weigh. For that reason, if you’re experiencing fluctuations in weight and/or energy, or problems with inconsistent or inappropriate appetite, it’s highly likely that your hunger hormones are responsible. This article provides an overview of how to find and maintain a balance of your hunger hormones.

How Hormones Control Your Hunger and Appetite


Ghrelin is the hormone that makes you hungry. You can remember it by the sound ghrelin makes in your stomach: more ghrelin equals a growlin’ tummy. When you’re low on stored energy, fasting, or starving, your body will release more ghrelin, signaling to you that it’s time to eat. Your ghrelin levels tend to go up when you need to eat and decrease again after you’ve had some food.

It’s been theorized that obese people may…

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