What Burns More Calories: Walking Or Running?

What Burns More Calories: Walking Or Running?

Ah, the age-old question of which one is better! Which burns more calories? Is walking or running better for your fitness? All this (and more) is about to be answered!


The quick answer to which burns more calories in the same amount of time, is running. 

However, if you’re asking what burns more calories for most people, then the answer is walking!

The explanation

Kenyans, as well as a few other nationalities, are perfectly built for running long distances. They can run for hours on end, with minimal chance of injury, and well into their adulthood. 

This is because of:

Their bone structure

With narrower waists, longer legs, shorter torsos and slender limbs, these bodies are built for running quickly and effectively. In particular, their narrow hips mean a smaller Q (Quadriceps) angle, so there is far less pressure on the outside of the knees.

A high percentage of Slow-twitch fibres

Some nationalities tend to have more explosive fast-twitch fibres that are suitable for sprinting or weight lifting. However, long-distance runners tend to be genetically lean and light, with slow-twitch fibres, meaning they take much longer to fatigue.

So, with the correct bone structure and muscle fibre-type, you’ll be able to run for very long distances, thereby burning more calories. 

But, most people in the world do not have this genetic advantage! And we cannot run for long periods of time without causing injury from overuse. Running actually has the highest…

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