TeamX Adds New Features to G3X Touch and G5 for Certified Aircraft

TeamX Adds New Features to G3X Touch and G5 for Certified Aircraft

January 7, 2020

Our TeamX avionics engineers for experimental aircraft have added new features and panel configurations to G3X Touch, and cost-effective avionics options approved for installation in certified aircraft. New wireless engine data streaming and flight data logging give pilots additional insight into aircraft and engine performance, and additional G3X Touch display layout options give pilots flexibility when provisioning for a G3X Touch installation in their aircraft. Additionally, new features for the G5 electronic flight instrument include the display of density altitude while on the ground and the option to display additional data fields when the G5 is paired with the GTN 650/750 or the GPS 175/GNC 355 or GNX 375. These new software, display options and new hardware approvals are available immediately.

G3X Touch for certified aircraft

Pilots are provided with a comprehensive,
in-depth look at engine performance and trend data with G3X Touch for
certified aircraft, which includes built-in flight data logging and optional
engine monitoring. Aircraft performance, engine data and any exceedances that
may occur are automatically stored on an SD card in the display. Available as
an option, pilots can view real-time detailed engine information from
G3X Touch within the Garmin Pilot app, which is sent wirelessly from the
flight display to the app. Engine information and flight data logs, as well as
exceedance information is also automatically synced…

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