Will Having More Sex Make Me Happier?

Will Having More Sex Make Me Happier?


Will Having More Sex Make Me Happier?

Dear Healthy Men: What’s the right amount of sex for a couple to have to ensure a happy relationship?

A: Most of us would agree that a heathy sex life is an important component of any romantic relationship. So it seems logical to assume that there would be a positive correlation between the frequency of dancing between the sheets and one’s level of happiness and satisfaction with said romantic relationships. Logic is one thing, but the real answer to the question, “Does more limb-mingling make you happier—or have any other benefits?” is a resounding “It depends” (and yes, as a creative writing challenge, I’ve decided not to use the word “sex” for the rest of this article).

Various studies have, indeed, found a connection between gettin’ it on and a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, reduced heart attack risk, improved sleep, lower stress levels, better memory and analytic skills, an increase in brain-cell building, and reduced anxiety and depression.

One study even found that rolling in the hay could reduce prostate cancer risk. It’s not so much the act of knocking boots, though, but the ejaculations that count—and you can do that all by yourself. Either way, you’ll have to do it a lot. Men who ejaculated 21 times per month had a 20 percent…

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