ACE Insight | New Year, New You! Professional Development Goals for 2020

ACE Insight | New Year, New You! Professional Development Goals for 2020

Turning the page to the new year (and new decade) is always an exciting time for health and exercise professionals. Not only do we get to hear and be a part of the goals our clients and participants are setting, but it also provides an opportunity to reflect and plan for our personal and professional growth.

We asked thousands of health and exercise professionals what they are looking to take on this next year, and their answers might surprise you. Instead of the answers you might expect topping the lists, such as mastering a new format or setting personal physical achievement goals, we heard about philanthropic hopes, behavior-change education and inclusivity dreams. The responses were both heartwarming and hopeful.

Here are the three biggest themes for professional development among your peers in the New Year:

Giving back. Health and exercise professionals are searching for ways to give back. While teaching in exchange for pay and a gym membership is rewarding, many people are finding ways to take their gifts to underserved communities, including prisons, schools, faith-based centers, neighborhoods and more. Could you spare one hour a month (or even a quarter) to put together a class or training session for those that might not be able to attend due to geography or finances? If we’re hoping to get people moving, it’s important we find ways to take our services outside of the four walls of a traditional fitness facility, directly to those who need it…

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