The Beautiful Women Of The Witcher Will Steal Your Heart – Fitness Gurls Magazine

The Beautiful Women Of The Witcher Will Steal Your Heart – Fitness Gurls Magazine

The beautiful Women Of The Witcher will steal your heart

“Toss a coin to your Witcher, O’Valley of plenty…” Got that song stuck in your head? We know the feeling

It hasn’t been long since Netflix’s The Witcher finally arrived on the streaming platform much to everyone’s excitement and delight, and in its short duration it’s already the most streamed show on there. And with its fantastic cinematography, exciting action, and memorable performances, it’s easy to see why. 

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And of course, in addition to that, it also features some of the most beautiful women we’ve personally ever seen! As such we decided to take the time to gush about some of them, so buckle up, take your potions and click on ahead for our top picks! 

3) Emma Appleton (Princess Renfri) 

Though not as prominently featured in the show, you can’t deny there’s a sense of mystique surrounding Emma Appleton’s character on the show. Not to mention, her beauty. With her sharp features amazing figure and her skill with a blade, you have to admit she sure stands out! 

2) MyAnna Buring (Tissaia)

From the minute she’s on-screen to the last time we see her, MyAnna Buring absolutely steals every scene she’s in with her striking and gorgeous features. Buring brings a sense of brooding sexiness to the character, one that walks a fine line between likable and distant, as well as an enchanting sense of charm we can’t…

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