The Everyday Makeup Bag – THIRTEEN THOUGHTS

The Everyday Makeup Bag - THIRTEEN THOUGHTS

They say you can find pretty much anything in a woman’s handbag.

Well, I wouldn’t say that I carry everything in mine, although that’s not for the lack of trying. One of my friends though, absolutely does have everything in her bag. I mean, she is a mom, so that might explain her superpower of having a very rich inventory that all magically fits into an average-sized, “everyday” handbag. Traveling with her is the best.

Need makeup wipes? She’s got them.

Rubbing alcohol? She’s got it.

Stain removing pen? Yup. Got that too.

Just the other day I had an awful attack of bad back pain and didn’t have any lidocaine patches or nerve pain medication with me.

“You want some ibuprofen?” She asked while digging through her handbag.

“No, thanks, that won’t help. I’ll take some heroin though, you got any?” I said jokingly. She chuckled while still digging through her handbag, then looked up at me with a curious smile.

“Oh God, please do not answer that!” I said.

Everyone burst out laughing because she’s just known to have e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g under the Sun in that little bag of hers.

I now try to minimize the amount of stuff I carry in my bag- ever since my physical therapist picked it up to move it to another chair during one of my visits. She actually asked me if I bring an overnight bag everywhere I go. Then proceeded to tell me that I shouldn’t carry a shoulder handbag that weighs more 5% of my body weight.

Well, being the control…

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