Best Marathons for Beginners | How To Select Your Race

Best Marathons for Beginners | How To Select Your Race

If the marathon bug has finally nipped at your heels, spurring you to action, it’s time to get serious about finding the right race. The best marathons for beginners is more than a list of races, it’s looking at your options and figuring out exactly which one is going to give you a shot at a spectacular day.

The marathon isn’t just 26.2 miles, it’s the months of training leading up to race day and you want the pay off to be spectacular.

It’s easy to look to the big races or simply sign up for a race near home, once the idea of a first marathon has finally taken over your brain. After 12 years of racing and helping others, I wish someone had given me a little more insight about picking a first marathon.

Best Marathons for Beginners

There are a lot of lists out there of the best races, but I often find they don’t help folks because the dates don’t line up or they can’t travel there or it’s a lottery and they can’t get in! Instead, I want to give you a way to evaluate the first marathon you pick to decide what will help you create the most memorable {in a good way!} experience possible for both training and race day.

Which marathon is the best for first timers? All depends on you!! Just because Honolulu is great for some folks, it’s not for others like my athlete Jodi who trained through sub freezing temps to arrive and feel overheated!

The Best Location

Should you race near home or select a destination race?

  • Local races mean sleeping in your own bed,…

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