3 Factors That Will Make (or Break) Your Diet Goals

3 Factors That Will Make (or Break) Your Diet Goals

According to Pamela Nisevich, RD, LSSD, and author of Sweat. Eat. Repeat: The 90-Day Playbook to Change Your Food Habits, Improve Your Energy, and Reach Your Goals, a successful diet is about way more than what you put on your plate.

Generally speaking, most of us know the type of foods we should be eating. We may even have a good idea of the nutrients we need. And we might even be pretty good at avoiding mindlessly noshing. But the reality is, our ability to eat a healthy diet and remain active day in and day out is affected by other facets of our lifestyle. Get everything right and these three things wrong and you could easily fall back into mindless eating, plate envy, or choosing the gym over the couch.

So if you want to move confidently toward your goals, you have to better manage your support, sleep, and stress. All the time and energy you put into working out and eating well will be leveraged by these three crucial factors.


Let me be completely honest with you: Support makes the journey infinitely more enjoyable. You’re going to need someone to pat you on the back, tell you to stay the course, and exclaim that your calves look amazing in those shoes! When you decide to embark upon on a new habit of eating or otherwise choose to create healthier habits, it’s crucial that you get some buy-in from those who matter to you—be it your partner in crime, your family, your coworkers, or whomever. But how to get everyone on board? And how do you follow…

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