Is Your Personal Training Business Legal Compliant for 2020?

Is Your Personal Training Business Legal Compliant for 2020?

Can you believe its almost 2020? We can’t either. Nonetheless, the changes in season and the start of the new year got us thinking about legal compliance concerning a personal training company.

Not only do state, federal, and certifying bodies have requirements you must meet to stay above board with the law, but there are other legal, managerial aspects of the business, such as limiting your scope of practice to that of a personal trainer.

If all of the thoughts and considerations surrounding legal compliance has got you feeling a little fatigued, don’t worry. The team at AFPA has done the heavy lifting for you.

In this article, we address everything that you need to know about ensuring that your personal training business is legally healthy so that you can focus on keeping your clients physically healthy:

Ensuring Your Personal Training Business Is Compliant

When your personal training business is compliant with the law, not only are you keeping your clients safe, but you also save yourself from the burdens of expensive fines and potential loss of certification.

In short, it doesn’t help anyone when your business’ compliance is a bit under the weather. Ensuring you are performing within your scope of practice is just the beginning. There are other compliance and reporting issues of which you should be aware.

Working within the Scope of Your Practice

Personal trainers hold a professional duty of care and scope of practice toward their clients. Ultimately, your…

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