Beat Holiday Stress for a Happier Sex Life in December


We all love the holidays – the songs, the food, the gifts, and decorations…it’s like being a kid again! Except, as you become an adult, you realize that more and more of the above fall only happen when you have put in a whole lot of effort. Baking, arranging dinners, digging out decorations, braving the mall crowds while ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ plays for the 50 millionth time – all these can do more to ruin your holiday mood than enhance it.

Even if you get a chance to sit by the fire for some mulled wine and mistletoe, it’s possible that the stress of the holidays has already gone and ruined your seasonal sex life – so what can you do?

Go Easy on the Holiday Spirits

As much holiday parties that you attend (and stress over ones you’re hosting) make it easier than ever to over indulge on eggnog or mulled wine, getting a buzz on doesn’t spell as much sexy success as you’d first assume. Enough alcohol will make you more numb to sensations, and dehydration can lead to issues with lubrication.

If your partner is a guy and has managed to avoid alcohol-related erectile unpredictability, the extra sugar in holiday cocktails is more likely to have you both waking up with a headache, in no mood at all to bake cookies or wrap presents.

Our favorite mocktail for making merry is a mix of cranberry juice and ginger ale – with a squeeze of lemon and sparkling water to cut the sweetness as you need!

Embrace that Snuggly Feeling

If you’ve been indulging in delicious…

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