Burn 200 Calories While Your Kids Eat Dinner

Burn 200 Calories While Your Kids Eat Dinner

If you’re a busy mum or dad trying to juggle a household, children and an exercise schedule, then you might need to get creative when it comes to fitting everything in! So how about working out while your kids eat dinner? You could easily burn 200 calories!


For many parents of young children who eat earlier in the evening (5-5.30pm), this time can offer the chance to complete household tasks and train at the same time. It’s as simple as planning your workout week by writing a list of mini-tasks around the house that need to get done. Prioritise some of your most important ones to tackle while adding in this high energy bodyweight blaster. Together, you’ll burn 200 calories in no time.

Check out the following ideas: 

5 mins of folding laundry with 30 Push-Ups. Choose your most advanced level and go for it!

5 mins of chopping veggies for dinner with 15-30 Burpees. Add a jump on the end for an extra kick!

5 mins of unpacking the dishwasher with 30 Mountain Climbers. Pump those legs as fast as you can!

5 mins of wiping down bench counters with 30 Steps Ups (each side). Do these on a dining room chair.

5 mins of cleaning out the fridge with 30 Plyometric Lunges. Drive the arms to create explosive power!

5 mins of packing lunches with 15-30 Tricep Dips. Choose your most advanced level and don’t stop!

If your kids are a little older and can be left unsupervised or can help with younger siblings, you might be able to zip away and tackle some other tasks….

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