Simple ways to eat less sugar – Articles

Simple ways to eat less sugar - Articles

Sugar has a sneaky way of making it into our food, and if we’re not careful, too much of it in any form can lead to a variety of health issues. Too much sugar can not only impact our waistline, but it can also have a negative impact on our blood sugar, energy, mood, gut health and even worse — can cause you to have more cravings. According to data from the USDA, the average American consumes 90 pounds of sugar per year (that’s equals 1.7 per pounds per week and 3.9 ounces or 110 grams per day)

When we overconsume sugar, the result leaves our body scrambling on what to do with the excess and will either look to our muscles or liver for help. If you happen to be fresh off a workout and burned a lot of sugar from your muscles or liver in the form of glycogen, your body will try to store the sugar you’ve just consumed in your muscles or liver. When these two options simply can’t handle the excess sugar, the overload can have significant consequences to our health: 

Inflammation: Higher-than-necessary amounts of sugar in the bloodstream cause damage to soft tissues in the body, which triggers cholesterol production, hardening of arterial walls, and a heightened immune response. Tracking (and limiting) sugar can reduce internal stress in the body so it can shift its restorative energies to maintaining resilience of life’s other stressors (or, even better, to improving health or performance).

Fat Storage: Consuming…

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