Get to Know and Get Inspired by the 2019 Brooks Run Happy Ambassadors

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At Brooks, we live by our purpose to inspire people to run and be active. We see running as a pillar in our lives and something we choose to experience by giving it the time it deserves, among the many demands of our day-to-day. Whether you are chasing down big dreams, trying to earn a certain iconic race medal or qualifying time or logging 30 minutes on your local running path, when you lace up your shoes and get moving, you make a commitment to your health and wellbeing and we love to honor that! To give you a dose of inspiration for any point in your running journey, we want to introduce you to our Run Happy Ambassadors. We have chosen each of them because of the active role they play in their communities and based on our shared value of inspiring others to run and be active. Meet them and give them a follow. 

AJ Dronkers, @aj_dc

Favorite race distance?
5K – super manageable and reminds me of all the charity and holiday races I’ve done with friends and family. 

When do you like to run?
Jogging is one of my favorite things to do when I travel. It’s easy because all you need are your Brooks shoes and some inspirational music to get started. 

How do you set up your week of running?
I’m big on allowing for flexibility and not over-scheduling. I set a goal of how much I want to workout for the entire week, and I also prioritize walking every day. 

Alexandria Williams, @alexandriawill

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