Running With a Cold (Or Other Illness)?

Running With a Cold (Or Other Illness)?

Running with a cold? Should you do it? Can you possibly avoid it with my immune boosting tips? And what about if it’s more than a sniffle??

You’ve been washing your hands like a mad woman, eating plenty of greens and of course taking care of your body with smart training….right?

But you touched an elevator button that someone who has been less enthusiastic with their health did and now you’re making it rain tissues. Because you’re a runner the first thing you find yourself asking is “Can I still run“? instead of “should i see a doctor?

It’s been noted that we’re crazy and this is a good example of why.

Today we’re exploring the age old question of running while sick. How to know when you’re good to go and when it’s really time for a solid recovery day.Should you run when sick? Here's how to know when to push and when to sleep it off

Working Out While Sick Might Be Good A Good Thing

For the majority of people, the immune system will respond favorably to an easy run (not the time for your hardest track workout of the year). Doctors think this could be due to a few factors:

  • The short term increase in body temperature seems to help fight bacterial growth.
  • We know running releases endorphin’s, which make us happy…being happy is a big boost to the immune system and can therefore help ward off illness.
  • Science also shows that because running increases blood flow, it means a quicker circulation of white blood cells throughout the body, which enhances the immune system.

Check in with yourself 10 minutes after starting…

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