How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking Each Day?

How Much Water Should You Really Be Drinking Each Day?

In my 25 years in the health and wellness industry, I’ve heard lots of different opinions on how much water to drink – everything from 2-3 litres/day to 0.33333 x your bodyweight in pounds (lbs). So, what’s the final call? 

While I’m sure tens of thousands of hours of research go into scientific studies, human beings don’t live their life according to research done in a lab. We’re emotional, our lives are led differently and we might be told one thing, and often find ourselves doing the opposite. So whilst most people already know that water is by far the healthiest liquid to drink – that it’s great for weight loss, mental clarity and overall health and wellbeing – most people either don’t pay attention to their consumption or actively choose drinks that are more exciting, tasty and easy to consume.  

So, we’ve got a few ways to make sure you’re drinking enough water for you.

And before you read the specifics and variables below, if you’re after the quick fix, blanket answer, here it is: 2 litres of pure water each day + 1 litre for every hour of exercise is ideal for most adults.

Drink to Thirst

The No.1 Health and Fitness tip I can (ever) give anyone is to get in tune with your body. When you listen (and respond) to its many signs you have amazing physical and mental energy; when your body’s tired, take a nap, when it’s hungry, feed it some nutrients, so when it’s thirsty, make sure it’s hydrated with the closest thing…

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