What Is Leaky Gut? Everything You Need To Know

Bloated woman experiencing leaky gut

Maybe you’ve heard of it. But what is leaky gut exactly? Jessica Bippen, MS, RD, breaks down this mysterious condition, offering signs of leaky gut and helpful tips to support optimal gut health.

Leaky gut isn’t the most attractive term. Despite its unappealing description, it’s gaining attention in the wellness world. The phenomenon of intestinal permeability may be associated with numerous issues including skin problems, brain fog, migraines, and fatigue. Despite a large amount of research, many Western medical professionals don’t recognize leaky gut as a “real” condition.

However, it’s not worth dismissing. While doctors don’t universally accept leaky gut as a condition, there are countless health professionals who do, and help individuals heal their intestinal tract. If you’re suffering from digestive issues and persistent symptoms without being able to pinpoint a cause, you may need to take a deeper look inside your gut.

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is defined as “increased intestinal permeability.” But what does that actually mean? In order to fully understand this condition, let’s take a closer look at the digestive tract. Your digestive system breaks down food. Once it reaches the intestinal tract, your body absorbs the nutrients. The digestive system also creates a protective barrier to ward off harmful substances, preventing them from entering the bloodstream. For that reason, it’s extra important to have a properly…

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