Best Low Carb Christmas Leftover Recipes — Ditch The Carbs

Best Low Carb Christmas Leftover Recipes — Ditch The Carbs

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What do you do with all your Christmas leftovers? Here are the best low carb Christmas leftover recipes, so nothing goes to waste and to help you keep on track. These are my favourites from around the world.

It seems many countries differ in what is considered a traditional roast Christmas meal. For many it is traditional to cook a turkey (as we do) but others like to cook roast beef, pork or ham, especially Americans who have just finished all their turkey from Thanksgiving.

Here in New Zealand, many will have a bbq as we are in the middle of summer. My best low carb Christmas leftover recipes cover turkey, pork, beef and ham. Most recipes are also very adaptable to whichever leftover meat you have.

Christmas Leftover Recipes to the Rescue


Turkey and chicken can be interchanged in many of these recipes.

What is the ultimate LCHF meal? It has to be the classic LCHF caesar salad. Low in carbs, moderate protein and plenty of healthy nutritious fats. #lchf #lowcarb #sugarfree |

The ultimate LCHF meal, chicken caesar salad by Ditch The Carbs


Bone broth, don’t even think about throwing those amazing bones away.


You have seriously got to try the best and easiest recipe for low carb pizza out there - FatHead pizza. It's low carb, wheat free, gluten free and the easiest recipe you'll find. Googles top low carb pizza. #lowcarb #wheatfree #sugarfree #glutenfree |

Fathead pizza, the most downloaded recipe for my entire site. Why not add any leftover meat here and add suitable herbs and cheeses that best accompany the meat.


Easy Avocado Boats - 3 ways. Tuna mayo, prawn cocktail and baked egg with bacon bits. Keto, Paleo low-carb recipe heaven. |

Easy Avocado Boats – 3 ways – these are simply amazing with turkey mayonnaise. Simply mix some leftover chopped turkey with 1 minute mayonnaise.


This is the world famous low-carb, ABC bunless burger. Come and see what all the fuss is about. Grain free, gluten free, sugar free. |

ABC burgers – perfect for chopped cooked turkey. Now who doesn’t love burgers?


Take a look at the best low carb Christmas leftover recipes. Don't let anything go to waste and keep on track over the holiday season. #lowcarb #sugarfree |

Rainbow Chard & Sausage Hash

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