What’s Good About Men – Learn the 12 Rules for Good Men

What's Good About Men - Learn the 12 Rules for Good Men

On November 21, 2019, I celebrated the birth of my son, Jemal. He turned 50 years old. At the moment he was born and I held him for the first time, I made a promise that I would be a better father than my father was able to be for me. I also vowed to do everything I could to bring about a world where men were fully engaged with their families throughout their lives. That was also the beginning of MenAlive and my writing career. November 21st is also the official launch date of my book, 12 Rules for Good Men.

I’ve been very fortunate to be making a living doing the work that I love. 12 Rules for Good Men is my 16th book and follows ground-breaking studies on sex, love, and intimacy that produced international best-sellers Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, Surviving Male Menopause, The Irritable Male Syndrome: Understanding and Managing the 4 Key Causes of Depression and Aggression and The Enlightened Marriage: The 5 Transformative Stages of Relationships and Why the Best is Still to Come.

12 Rules for Good Men addresses all these issues and much more. It celebrates the gift of maleness and offers twelve actions men can take to improve their lives:

  • Rule #1: Join a Men’s Group.
  • Rule #2: Break Free From the Man Box.
  • Rule #3: Accept the Gift of Maleness.
  • Rule #4: Embrace Your Billion Year Male History.
  • Rule #5: Recognize Your Anger and Fear of Women.
  • Rule #6: Learn the Secrets of…

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