The Future of Meal Prep –

The Future of Meal Prep -

Today is pretty exciting because months of hard work and intercontinental collaboration with my friend from across the pond, finally come to life.  Cheers to the future of meal prep –MealPrepPro.

I’m excited to offer an app solution that’ll provide you with a weekly meal plan suited to your calories and macros.


Building MealPrepPro has been altogether exciting, with the usual moments of feeling frustrated and being humbled – all the things that make a successful project. It has pushed me and the Nibble Apps team to our limits, but seeing the end product now…it was worth every sleepless night.

I’m proud (and of course slightly anxious) to share this app with you.

Believe it or not, YOU played a pretty important part in the launch.

Behind the scenes of the MealPrepPro shoot. Credit: Jason Nelson

Even though we didn’t have the millions in funding that many Silicon Valley startups boast, it didn’t matter.  We had our ideas and passionate and enthusiastic community that historically has supported our ideas.

We decided a workout app would be the perfect compliment to the FitMenCook (FMC) App. FMC App for meals and the new app for workouts.  Perfect.

We even reached out to top personal trainers that work with blockbuster film actors and comedians. After many discussions, we drew up plans to move forward.

We immediately set things in motion and begin working on design and development while also setting filming dates to create the new…

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