Chris Downing’s Excellent Vegan Adventure

Chris Downing's Excellent Vegan Adventure

By Super Trainer Chris Downing

I’ve always been a high-protein guy.

If you’ve done SHIFT SHOP and followed my Simple Shift Nutrition Guide with its progressive carb reduction, you’ve probably already figured this out.

But several months ago, I started wondering if this was the best thing for me. I’m all about challenging myself and trying new things — but here I was, eating the same things over and over.

Around the same time, I learned a fun fact that really got me thinking: The two strongest animals in the world — the elephant and the silverback gorilla — don’t eat meat.

If they don’t need it, why do I?! And look at antelopes and gazelles. They’ll tear your legs off in a running contest and all they eat is vegetables!

It was time for a change. I just had this internal feeling that I wanted to give my body a break from digesting meat. At the same time, I knew I had Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology and Plant-Based Recover to meet my nutrition and post-workout protein needs.

Originally, I wanted to make it a 30-day challenge; I wanted to spend a month getting my nutrition from the earth’s plants and nuts and seeds.

But here’s the thing; I felt so great after 30 days that I just stuck with it!

Going Vegan

First, I cleaned out my kitchen. Going vegan means more than just ditching meat. I also needed to get rid of eggs and all dairy.

Honey had to go, and so did anything containing gelatin — which is in everything from marshmallows to the gel caps of…

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