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‘Tis the season to be grateful.

The pie, the people, the prospect of an early bedtime since the sun sets at 4:00 p.m. It’s easy to feel the warm fuzzies of gratitude around the holidays. But what about the 300-some other days of the year? Let’s keep these good gratitude vibes going throughout all the seasons with these 10 ultra-easy ways to up appreciation into your every day.  

1. Keep a—you guessed it—gratitude journal.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Oprah’s a fan, and that’s enough to make this #1. A journal in which you scribble down things you’re grateful for trains your thoughts from focusing on what you don’t have to what you do. Keep paving this neuropathic road and eventually, the hope is at least, that your mindset will naturally direct down the grateful one, not the woe is me one.

The trick to keeping a gratitude journal is grooming your surroundings to keep it as a habit. Pick a journal you won’t hate looking at day after day, find a home for it on your bedside table, and dedicate a time of day you always write it in. Keep it brief. Even a couple of bullet points is enough to fall back on once the day inevitably tries to kick you down. To keep from running out of ideas, get specific:

+ Things that make your life easier
+ What you love about your neighborhood
+ People who are your cheerleaders in life
+ What you appreciate about the current season
+ Family traditions you’re thankful for 

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