Healthy Leftover Turkey Soup with Black Beans + Corn


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If you need a recipe for your leftover Thanksgiving turkey, you have to try this healthy Southwestern leftover turkey soup with black beans and corn! This recipe is packed with fresh flavor from lime juice and cilantro, with smoked paprika, cumin, peppers, and onions. You can make it year-round with rotisserie chicken, and it’s freezable.

A ladle in a dutch oven with leftover turkey soup with black beans and corn in it.

I really hope you made enough turkey to have leftovers, whether you cooked an entire roast turkey, a boneless breast of turkey in your slow cooker, or a whole turkey breast in your instant pot. This leftover turkey soup is such a great way to put that leftover meat to good use!

After Thanksgiving, I’m always left craving something different in flavor from the comforting foods surrounding the holiday. The flavors in this southwestern turkey soup are the perfect respite from the gravy-laden fare of Thanksgiving, and it’s a healthy way to enjoy leftover turkey!

Packed with smoky flavor from smoked paprika, sweetness from the corn, and bright, fresh flavor from fresh lime juice and plenty of cilantro, I love this light-tasting soup to help detox from gorging over the holidays.

This soup is so simple and easy to make, PLUS you can stick it in your freezer to enjoy later.

Horizontal image of a white bowl with turkey soup and a blue dutch oven in the background.

Tips and tricks for the best flavor

To make this leftover turkey soup, just sauté some peppers and onions, add…

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