Can the Keto Diet Affect a Man’s Fertility?

Keto Diet Effect on Male Fertility

Greece and food: Not sure how they did it but they nailed it! (Courtesy:

Name something you routinely do every day that has the single largest impact on your health. Sleep? Nope. Exercise? Nope. Eating? Yup.

Do you doubt the power of food? Then please consider the French Paradox: the fact that heart disease among the French is incredibly low despite an American-equivalent, fat-loaded diet. And then there’s the fact that stomach cancer rates drop and colon cancer rates rise among Asian immigrants to America. Lastly, the only known cure for diabetes is weight loss.

You really are what you eat.

The Keto Diet

The most recent diet trend is the ketogenic diet. It is a rigorously specific, low-carb, high-fat diet that is quite similar to its Atkins and low-carb relatives but is far older than either of them: It was developed in 1921 to control epilepsy in children. Essentially, keto recommends consuming 3 calories of fat for every 1 calorie of protein or carbohydrate. And that puts the body into ketosis, hence the name of the diet. But, is this newly popular diet good for male fertility?

Key Keto Concepts

The good news about the keto diet is that it’s great for controlling epilepsy and promoting weight loss. Keto followers typically lose twice as much weight as low-fat dieters. The reason it’s so good at weight loss is that the body prefers getting its energy from carbs if at all possible. When carbs are scarce, the body turns to fat for energy, burning…

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