Mobility Training for Runners: Get Mobile and Thrive

Hurdle Mobility Training

Mobility might be one of the most important aspects of fitness for runners outside of endurance and strength. If you’re mobile, you’re one hell of an athlete.

Hurdling is fantastic mobility training for runners

First, a quick story.

2006 was a banner year for my running and in hindsight, a lot of that success was because I I focused on mobility training (being 22 years old certainly helped with being mobile!).

In this calendar year, I accomplished some of my best finish times:

  • Mile PR of 4:33
  • 800m PR of 2:05.0
  • Steeplechase PR of 9:57 (and 9th place finish in New England)
  • 3,000m PR of 9:04 (about 9:45 for 2-miles)
  • 5,000m PR of 16:02
  • 10k XC PR of 33:41
  • My triathlon debut!

It was probably the best year of running in my entire life. And it all started with mobility training.

You see, in January we started indoor track. But even so, the outdoor track steeplechasers got started early on their drills. So from the very beginning of the year, I was working on hurdle mobility.

And the benefits poured into every ounce of my training. I got faster, I ran higher mileage, my workouts blew my mind.

Here’s an example:

Track Training

Look at how much mobility work I was doing!

  • 2 days of steeplechase (“SC”) drills
  • 2 days of form drills
  • 10 minutes of easy running over hurdles
  • 3 days of strides
  • A faster workout
  • A race

All of these elements add up to a hefty dose of mobility training sprinkled throughout the week. And my race results are a testament to the power of being coordinated,…

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