21 Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes You’ll Love

21 Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes You'll Love — Ditch The Carbs

These low-carb Thanksgiving recipes are so simple and delicious! The holidays are certain to be flavorful with these fun and delicious food options.

Worried about not having something that you can eat during the Thanksgiving season? Fret no more. These keto Thanksgiving recipes are delicious, filling and will make everyone’s taste buds happy, even if they don’t eat low-carb like you do every day.

It’s time to start meal-prepping for the holidays with these delicious recipes. From sweet to savory, we’ve got you covered.

21 Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes You'll Love

Healthy Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that literally revolve around eating, hanging out with family and friends and being thankful for everything during the year. Sitting around the kitchen table and having amazing yummy AND healthy food options is one of the best ways to enjoy a delightful evening of eating.

And if you’re wanting to keep your Thanksgiving meal low-carb and keto-friendly, these recipes are certain to make that happen. We’ve definitely got more than just your typical Thanksgiving turkey recipe.

How to cook easy roast turkey, complete with a cooking calculation guide. And do you know the secret tip to keeping turkey moist? | ditchthecarbs.com

Low-Carb Soups and Starters

All of these recipes are low-carb and easy to make. Broken down by categories, you can literally meal plan your entire Thanksgiving menu right here!

Low carb broccoli soup

Whip up a batch of broccoli and cauliflower soup to warm up your guests. They might just go back for seconds!

Pin this for winter!! This is the perfect recipe for a busy family. Slow cooker bacon and pumpkin soup and it's low carb - amazing!! | ditchthecarbs.com

Slow Cooker Bacon And Pumpkin Soup – You’re going to love the flavor combination of this slow cooker soup. We all know that bacon makes everything better but who knew that it went perfectly with pumpkin?!

Watch how to make low-carb pumpkin and coconut soup in the slow cooker. Super tasty and easy recipe that is sugar free, gluten free and healthy. Throw it on in the morning, and it's ready when you come home. | ditchthecarbs.com

Another pumpkin soup variation that just might hit the spot is our pumpkin and coconut soup. Throw it all together in the slow cooker the night before and it’ll be ready for the festivities the next morning.

A perfectly simple healthy recipe for low-carb prosciutto wrapped asparagus - using only 5 ingredients. Perfect for entertaining guest this holiday season. | ditchthecarbs.com

The low-carb prosciutto wrapped asparagus may be the simplest starter you can make. It’s just 5 ingredients and 4 easy steps!

This is the easiest low carb garlic pate recipe around. Pin for later and learn how to make your own. | ditchthecarbs.com

Spreads are the perfect starter, which makes this super easy low-carb pate the ideal holiday appetizer.

Paleo prawn cocktail is a beautiful way to eat more seafood. This incredibly healthy and simple recipe is low carb, grain free and keto friendly. It is free of seed oils, wheat, grains and packed with nutrition. Serve as an appetiser or pack in your lunch box. A fabulous snack idea. The list goes on. | ditchthecarbs.com

I just love how beautifully these are presented. These paleo prawn cocktail servings would definitely be a hit.

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Pesto Recipe

These bacon wrapped salmon with pesto bites would do well as an app or a side dish. Who says you have to choose? Although, I don’t think they’ll last long before the platter is cleared out.

Low-Carb Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

Quick and easy recipe for low-carb egg salad. Paleo, grain free and gluten free. | ditchthecarbs.com

A bite of mashed cauliflower + a bite of egg salad + a piece of turkey = The Perfect Bite! What’s your perfect bite combo?

Buttery bacon brussels sprouts with a hint of garlic and orange, oh my word!!! Give this one a go for sure. | ditchthecarbs.com

Buttery Bacon Brussels Sprouts – Who knew that Brussel sprouts were so versatile? I just love how they take the taste and flavor of anything that you cook them with.

Learn how to make the easiest recipe on the internet for mashed cauliflower like a pro - without it going soggy or smelly. Her tips are brilliant! #keto #lowcarb #ditchthecarbs #howtomakemashedcauliflower #ketocauliflower #lowcarbcauliflower #easyketorecipes #healthyfamilydinner

Mashed Cauliflower – Forget about the potatoes and substitute for this mashed cauliflower instead. The taste is so good, no one will even know the difference!

An absolute low carb staple. Pin for later. How to make cauliflower rice, the easy way. Follow this recipe for a simple way to make cauliflower rice. You can adapt and flavour cauliflower rice any which way you like. | ditchthecarbs.com

Some guests may prefer cauliflower rice over mash and that’s okay because it’s just as delicious and such a great side to all the different proteins.

Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Looking for a lighter side dish? This low-carb spaghetti squash might be the ideal option. It’s light, colorful, and perfect for fall.

Low-Carb Thanksgiving Entrees

Wow! This delicous 30 minute lamb dinner is out of this world! #KetoInstantPotLambCurry #instantpot #ditchthecarbs #lowcarb #keto #glutenfree #sugarfree #healthyrecipes #familymeals

Keto Instant Pot Lamb Curry – It just wouldn’t be a holiday unless there was an Instant Pot recipe or two involved. And what till you try the flavors of this dish…so good. Get ready to be scraping the bowl clean!

Wow! I never would have though to use these vegetables in pot roast! So good! #ketopotroastintheinstantpot #instantpot #ditchthecarbs #lowcarb #keto #glutenfree #sugarfree #healthyrecipes #familymeals

Easy Keto Pot Roast in the Instant Pot – This is another great Instant Pot recipe that will easily feed a crowd. Shave it then or slice it in chunks and enjoy this flavorful recipe.

Poaching salmon in the slow cooker give the salmon so much wonderful flavor! #ditchthecarbs #slowcookerpoachedsalmon #poachedsalmon #salmon #slowcooker #familymeals #lowcarb #keto

Slow Cooker Poached Salmon – What a flavorful dish. Plus, you can literally cook it with ease in your slow cooker! Such a great flavor and taste to have on hand during the holidays.

Wow! This chicken is amazing, plus directions for bone broth! #cookawholechickeninaslowcooker #wholechicken #bonebroth #slowcooker #ditchthecarbs #lowcarb #keto #glutenfree #sugarfree #healthyrecipes #familymeals

Don’t need a whole turkey but still want to add a poultry dish? Try this whole chicken in the slow cooker! So simple during such a hectic time of year.

Need more low-carb Thanksgiving recipe ideas beyond the turkey? 21 recipes that’ll cover all the bases. #ditchthecarbs #hflc #lowcarbthanksgivingClick to Tweet

Sweet Low-Carb Thanksgiving Recipes

Take a look at the most incredible easy low carb chocolate pumpkin pie recipe. Just throw it all together in the food processor and voila! Impress your guests. | ditchthecarbs.com

You don’t want to miss this low-carb pumpkin pie, it’s a must for all low-carb holiday tables. The secret is the homemade pumpkin pie spice!

This is it! The PERFECT Keto Chocolate Walnut Brownies. #ditchthecarbs #lowcarbrecipes #lowcarbdiet #lchf #nosugars #glutenfree #grainfree #lowcarbfamily #sugarfreebrownie #sugarfreechocolate #ketobrownie #lowcarbbrownie

Keto Chocolate Walnut Brownies – These brownies are a must. Not only are they crazy good, but they’re moist and fluffy as well. The chocolate flavor and combination of walnuts are hands down perfect.

Incredible recipe for low-carb raspberry swirl cheesecake. It's gluten free, grain free, sugar free and perfect for dinner parties. #lchf #sugarfreecheesecake #ditchthecarbs #glutenfreecheesecake #ketocheesecake #healthydessert #summerbarbecuedessert #lowcarbcheesecake

Low-Carb Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake – Don’t forget the cheesecake! And if you ever doubted that cheesecake could actually be low-carb, this simple recipe is the proof.

LOOK!! Easy recipe for low-carb sugar-free pumpkin fudge. Seriously naughty, with zero guilt. NEW cooking video just added. | ditchthecarbs.com

Low-Carb Sugar-Free Pumpkin Pie Fudge – It just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving unless there was something pumpkin to eat. This fudge is so good it literally just melts in your mouth.

Easy CHEAT'S recipe for slow cooker low-carb mulled wine. Don't tell everyone our secret - the perfect lazy way to entertain guests this festive season. | ditchthecarbs.com

Let your guests relax with this Slow Cooker Low-Carb Mulled Wine – This is one yummy beverage that you can whip up in your crockpot in no time at all! This is certain to be a hit for everyone at your house, and you’ll love having a bit left over for you to enjoy later as well.

There you have it! 21 delicious low-carb Thanksgiving recipes that you just can’t miss. Each of these offers a unique taste that will certainly have you craving more.

And who says that you have to stop at just a couple? Plan out your entire Thanksgiving meal using these simple low-carb recipes. There is literally everything you need to put together an amazing meal all right here on one page!

Do you have a favorite low-carb Thanksgiving recipe that you just can’t wait to make?

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