Upper Body Pyramid Workout (15 Mins)

Upper Body Pyramid Workout - Each round you

Today’s upper body pyramid workout uses the same structure as last week’s focusing on lower body. If you’re looking for more of a total-body workout, try doing the two back to back! Next week I’ll have one focused on core, and finally one that’s total body. All are just 15 minutes long but pack a big challenge!

Upper Body Pyramid Workout


  • Set of medium dumbbells + a drop set – I’m using a set of 10-lb weights and a set of 8-lb weights for my drop set. The last two exercises focus on shoulders, and you’ll probably want to have a lighter set on hand for those.

This upper body pyramid workout is structured like a game of Simon or Bop It. Each round, we add on an exercise, building up to six exercises in the final, longest round. Exercises are done for 35 seconds. Rest is for 30 seconds. Here’s what it looks like:

Exercise 1
Exercise 1 + Exercise 2
Exercise 1 + Exercise 2 + Exercise 3
… and so on up to six.

As with all workouts, you want to make sure you’re properly warmed up beforehand, and always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed. I have two warm ups on my channel:

Upper Body Pyramid Workout - Each round you'll add on an exercise, building up to a sequence of six. 15 minutes and a set of dumbbells is all you'll need! #upperbodyworkout #pyramidworkout #workoutvideo #workout #athomeworkout #fitness

Workout Breakdown

See times in above video for a preview of the exercises and how to modify.

  • Biceps Circle Curls (1:55)
  • Row x2 + Overhead Raise (3:00)
  • Marching Push Ups (4:41)
  • Surfer Get-Ups (6:58)
  • Bent Raise, Rotate, Shoulder Press (9:50)
  • Shoulder Press Ups (13:20)

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