Exercises for Workout Partners To Do Together

Exercises for Workout Partners To Do Together

Exercises for Workout Partners To Do Together

Exercises for Workout Partners To Do TogetherWorking out can be a very strenuous, sometimes boring, and hard to focus on task. Going to the gym night in and night out doing the same barbell curls, bench presses, treadmill walks can just be something you can’t wait to be done with. Good thing for you, there’s several ways to spice your workouts up. For one, grab a partner. Better yet, grab your significant other. Two people in relationships likely know what one another’s fitness goals are, and it can just be an overall blast to workout with your loved one. With that being said, here are some exercises that significant others can do as workout partners.


The endorphins released from a morning jog or a late night one are just phenomenal; and now, you can double up on them when you run with your partner. Running with a partner has all the benefits one would need. First of all, runners are likely not to quit early. Two partners can motivate each other to thrive on the run and push through even when fatigue sets in. You can even converse with one another remove the thought of being tired. Just get out there, pick a pace-setter, whisper some I-love-yous, and RUN!


Another easy set of exercises for two to take advantage of are exercises with medicine balls. The sit-up pass is one for individuals to blast their cores together. Think of a regular sit up but passing the ball to each other. This exercise works mainly the upper set of abdominals, but brings fire to the entire core with each and every motion. From mainly on the floor to standing, Forward-backward lunge pass is yet another exercise used with the good ‘ol medicine ball. Both individuals will stand straight up, one will attempt the lunge with the medicine ball toward the other individual and pass the ball on. The next individual will do the same. This will workout your hamstrings while also providing stability work to your core. There’s so exercises to do with a medicine ball.


The more bikers, the merrier. Who wants to be all alone on a bike ride, when a significant other can be right there. On bikes, partners can travel far out distances, explore different parts of a city – all while participating in a low-impact exercise. Biking together can allow for plenty of quality time as well. That difficult conversation, important topic, or fun idea you’ve been meaning to talk about, can be discussed while pedaling down trails you’ve never seen before, in new neighborhoods, or any streets you choose. That’s the good thing about biking; doesn’t require a lot of effort, provides the ability to explore, and still burns lots of calories.

Group Fitness Classes

Last but not least, there are group fitness classes. This motivating setting will allow for maximum social opportunities, present a challenging workout, boost motivation, and provide a heck of a lot of fun. The variety of group fitness classes range from yoga, to different aerobic classes, sessions involving weights, cycling, and heated classes. When two significant others get involved with group fitness classes, they take away a glorious experience and exercises they have never performed. They also get the potential opportunity to meet other couples who are looking to get in shape together. The good thing about group fitness classes is that they’re literally at each and every gym.

Well, you know what time it is. It’s time to grab your significant other and get started on some workouts. If that isn’t the ultimate relationship goals, then what is?!         

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